Dies Irae Episode 8: It’s All Just Stuff



I kind of get the impression even the characters are bored with this show at this point. It is all trying to look super dramatic and cool or whatever, but basically stuff just happens and then other stuff is said to explain the stuff that happened, and then some more stuff happens. And I know that you could mostly put that description on any story ever, but most of them seem to care about making that ‘stuff’ actually seem like it matters rather than just another thing that happened.


So, apparently the bad guys are now going to get serious about unlocking the swastika’s or whatever and that apparently is going to mean a lot of deaths. But even they aren’t in any hurry as they don’t want it all to happen at once. See what I mean about even the characters being bored with this plot line?


The ‘hero’ of the story literally takes a nap for half the episode and isn’t anywhere near the action this week, which doesn’t really matter because there was barely any action to speak of and the blood spray was worse than lazy. You know, I can forgive poor blood splatter in live action stories but anime doesn’t have the excuse of not actually wanting to cut the actors up.

All and all, this remains a fairly pointless watch and one I’m not really enjoying at this point and yet… I kind of want to know what the end game is so I am stuck.

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