Dies Irae Episode 7: We May As Well Just Go With It At This Point



One thing I have learned since I started blogging and trying to actively keep watching shows rather than dropping them at the first sign of disappointment in order to have consistency in my review schedule, is that some shows it is better to just switch off any kind of critical thought processes and just watch the pretty colours play out on screen. I probably would have enjoyed Hand Shakers far more if I had taken that approach.


This week, Dies Irae brings us another incomprehensible mess of narrative. It isn’t that the overall story is that hard to get now. Basically over-powered nazi guy wants to use his full power and his magician friend is apparently helping set the stage for doing that. Everything else is either window dressing for that or just background noise in terms of the overall plot of this story. That might change if they do anything with any of those sub-plots that are kind of hanging in there, but at the moment, that’s about the sum total of things that are important.


What that means is that the majority of what we’ve seen so far is pretty much not important. And as it hasn’t really contributed anything of value to the main plot and hasn’t actually made us understand the characters any more, it is literally just filler until we get to the main event.


And, if you read my feature last week, you’ll notice I asked people to be nice to villains because we question their motives too much. Well, here’s a case where the character should question his own motive. Everything that is happening is essentially happening because he’s bored and the world hasn’t offered him a big enough challenge.  Of course, I wouldn’t be so critical of the villains except that this is one of those rare shows where we started by seeing the villains and realistically they have significantly more presence than our potential hero has, so while his motive is boringly shallow to non-existent as well, I kind of don’t care but with the villains driving the plot I’d at least like them to have a reason other than emotional joy-ride.

But whatever. This episode goes from a weird dance sequence, to Fuji being chained up for about a minute until he is let loose. To another random conversation with the priest guy. Before he gets introduced to round table and holographic nazi guy to have yet another weird conversation. Then we get to see magic bad guy and nazi bad guy laughing evil bad guy laughs as the episode ends. You know what, don’t think about it.

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