Dies Irae Episode 5: Singing is Creepy



As an episode this one was very nearly coherent. It even shed some light on a least one aspect of the story. In terms of helping the rest of the mess make sense… Well there’s still more we don’t know than stuff we do. It also didn’t feel like they were adding in unnecessary additional complications this episode so at no point did I feel like this episode just threw me under a bus without helping me to understand who was even driving.


That doesn’t actually mean this was a good episode. We go from back story on Marie (guillotine girl) to her manifesting in Fuji’s bed so that the female childhood friend can play the cliché, before they go on a tour of the city, so we can get the usual still shots of tower, ferris wheel, roller coaster, etc.


And then we meet up with Fuji’s other friend who apparently disappeared earlier in the story and was the reason he started the show in the hospital (no details really as to why that situation came about) but he apparently knows what is going on and wants to help (though the motivation here is iffy at best). Then we go into another fight sequence for reasons.

Still, as I said at the start, in terms of coherence this episode was definitely an improvement. The series as a whole still confuses me but I felt I mostly followed that.

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Karandi James.


8 thoughts on “Dies Irae Episode 5: Singing is Creepy

  1. I can’t stand characters who drop in unannounced and then get angry because they can’t handle what they’re seeing. I was prepared to hate childhood friend when she did that, but then she mentioned that Ren is suppose to be dating someone else so her motivations for getting angry made sense.

    I still hate it though!

    1. It is a good question. I wonder if we’ll find out what they were thinking if we stick it out to the end or whether we’ll be left confused.

  2. That’s their new-hit single, Troubles of a Guillotine Gal. The song is climbing rapidly and is receiving tons of airtime due to popular demand.

    But, yeah, that’s a creepy song! At least the series seems to be improving (rather gradually)?

    1. It almost seems like two steps forward and then two steps back. Every time I feel like it might be gaining cohesion it is at the expense of excitement or characterisation but once those elements come back I lose track of the plot again.

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