Dies Irae Episode 4: Um…



After watching this episode I wondered if maybe I was over thinking the show, or maybe under thinking because I just cannot get my head around what this show is actually supposed to be. So I got someone to listen while I attempted to explain what had happened so far and what the story was about. Ten minutes later I think we both realised I just don’t get it.


Okay, so Fuji is somehow the guy that they have to beat to have their wishes come true but he isn’t strong enough yet and apparently defeating him when he isn’t strong won’t work (for whatever reason) so they’ll train him to use his guillotine powers which he now gets are because of the spirit girl he’s been seeing in his dream. Also, maybe he’s the child of a monster though who that might be or how it factors in to any of the above, I don’t know.


Much like the random villains enrolling in school ploy, I never really get villains that want a stronger opponent to face. It kind of seems like they are just playing and not overly serious about accomplishing their goals if they are worried the fight will be less fun, and that kind of makes them extremely hard to take in any way seriously as a threat (even if they cackle and seemingly kill indiscriminately). Also, these villains don’t seem to at all be a cohesive group with a common goal so I’m thinking they are going to spend more time back stabbing each other than actually doing anything else, so again, not so worried about them as an actual threat.

Alright, end of episode 4 and I still don’t know what Fuji’s deal is, why his missing friend is in any way important, who the villains actually are (other than super powered Nazis – or not given some of the original members have apparently been replaced), or what anybody wants out of any of this mess.

That said, it would be wrong to say that this show isn’t enjoyable in its own way. It is more just that unless some of this is clarified I’d never recommend watching it to anyone.

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