Dies Irae Episode 3: I’m Lost



To be honest, I have no idea what is going on at this point. I get the bit where Fuji is linked somehow to the guillotine girl and for some reason she possessed his childhood friend and then Fuji somehow calmed her down and took her back. Somehow. And that’s the bit that kind of makes sense. All but his arm being split in two and then not. That doesn’t make sense even if she was using his power because he hadn’t stopped it at that point and he did in fact have his arm slice in two.


However, literally everything else in this show is just…

Some crazy people threatening Fuji. Crazy people watching Fuji. Crazy people making speeches that contain a whole bunch of random phrases that may ultimately mean anything or might have just been thrown in because someone thought they sounded cool. The bottom line is, there’s absolutely no way for the audience of this show to have a clue what is going on because there has been zip in the way of a coherent explanation.


So blood, bodies, bridge explosions, shouting, tears, and all sorts of things to grab our attention and yes, this show has my attention. However, unless they have the most brilliant tie everything together moment ever, this show is going to remain a completely unsatisfying mess.

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