Dies Irae Episode 2: Why Do They Always Enrol in the School?



I will actually talk about the episode in a bit, but the end of this just made me wonder why? Why do two of the whoever they are (guessing villains but who knows given lack of explanation) enrol in Fuji’s school? Even if they are interested in him they have already proven more than capable of finding him whenever so why don a uniform and waste your time there? Surely villains have better things to do with their daily lives than poorly masquerade as students?


Anyway, the rest of this episode was surprisingly coherent though it is clearly still in set-up mode and we still have answers to almost nothing except some explicit link between the whole guillotine dream, Fuji, and the murders around town. We also get a reasonable action sequence even if it mostly involves the protagonist getting beaten up.


Still, there seemed to be a lot of fillery fluff early in the episode though possibly the discussion about the town and about their dead parents and the church and all those other points may later become actually important. So two episodes of actual story plus a prologue and I’m still on the fence with this. It has potential and so far significantly more watchable than episode 0 made it out to be, and yet I’m not quite ready to commit.

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6 thoughts on “Dies Irae Episode 2: Why Do They Always Enrol in the School?

  1. That is one question we’ll never find an answer to. All the previous show I remember with the same situation, the main purpose of the set up is to give the main character a heart attack every two minutes?

    1. Seems to be the purpose. But I just have to wonder what villain has that kind of time on their hands and are they really that bad is bugging a guy at school is the best they can come up with.

      1. Actually, I do wonder if they’re the villain here? From their conversation, it looked like they’re watching over Fuji and Fuji has some purpose to serve? Now, that purpose could be being the sacrificial goat or being their clansmen in some way. They’re a cult, right? They definitely act like one. This show’s got me confused. I keep on thinking maybe we’r watching from the villains perspective, after all.

        1. I’m completely confused and the show is doing nothing to fix that. If it all comes together it could be quite satisfying but at the moment I’m thinking this show is going to remain a bit of a mess.

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