Dies Irae Episode 11: I’m Done



While I know there are more episodes of this to come out online, I held out until the season finished and now I am done with this absolute mess of a show. It has never made sense and never improved. It is just full of pointless fights, random powers, and lots of speeches and declarations from villains that make absolutely zero sense even in the context of the show.


So despite a lack of resolution, as this was the final episode of the television series I’m calling it done here and I’ll get around to a series review of this eventually. I have no intention to ever revisit this title though.

However, this is your last week to vote in the reader’s poll for best and worst anime of the season. If you haven’t voted click here.

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Karandi James.


7 thoughts on “Dies Irae Episode 11: I’m Done

    1. I know she’s been reminding us to vote for the best and worst shows in 2017, but the placement of the reminder almost seems like a gentle nudge for us to vote Dies Irae as the worst show, haha.

      1. Please do.
        However, I’ve been adding these links to all the episode posts this week. Or at least when I remember to. I figure given so many shows are ending, that would be when some people will have made up their minds.
        Still, if you did vote for this as worst, I’d be pretty happy with that.

    2. No. This one had a vaguely interesting premise hidden under a disaster in terms of narrative delivery and it never got better than the initial mess it gave us during the prologue.

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