Dies Irae Episode 1: Somewhat Less Confusing




I was actually kind of pleased at how normal most of this episode was when compared to the stupefying mess that was episode 0. We follow mostly normal high school guy as he is released from hospital, reunites with childhood girlfriend who drags him off to a sword exhibit.


Then of course while viewing a guillotine he has a vision of a blonde girl singing about blood and death and later he has dreams of himself being beheaded. All pretty standard opening episode stuff really.


We even throw in a senpai who makes deliberately misleading comments on the phone to stir up the childhood friend.


Just when I think that maybe the craziness of episode 0 was just a bad dream we hit the final five minutes and off we go. Lots of names and people and random references in dialogue that makes no sense at this point between characters who can only be villains given they are all clearly unhinged. Still, this one seems watchable enough so I’ll stick it out another couple of episodes.

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Karandi James.


9 thoughts on “Dies Irae Episode 1: Somewhat Less Confusing

  1. Tried playing the visual novel since the main route is free on Steam, thinking that it would make more sense. Unfortunately, I think it just confused me more. I feel like this story will end up being a wild ride.

      1. Just read the Wikipedia page and apparently it took 3 different releases over 5 years for the game to actually be completed. Gulp.

        Let’s just hope that the story actually comes together further along… (the premise seems quite nice)

  2. Was starting to get a little lost by the end of the show.

    If I didn’t have my sweetheart explaining the historical significance of every word (the joys of dating a nerd) they were throwing around my understanding of this anime would be zero!

    I can see this anime getting very messy/confusing.

    1. Agreed, although the prologue episode probably should have been a clear indication that coherence was not going to be a strength of this series.

  3. The beheading part was the high point of the episode for me. It was extremely tense and the great use of music made my attention perk up and focus on the scene at hand.
    I think this anime could be great if it is just a little less confusing.

    1. This episode was definitely better than the prologue. I am however still very on the fence with this and I will wait and see what it does next.

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