Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life Episode 6 Review

Average Episode 6

Doing a Proper Job

While the established tone of this anime is one of silliness and fluff, it cannot be denied that the world Mile is living in is actually quite dangerous, even if you are reincarnated and overpowered. This week brings some of those dangers to the surface with the girls completing one job but failing to note the larger threat – as does everyone else – leading to more merchants dying at the hands of the ‘bandits’.


Even the earlier ‘school trip’ vibe that Mile works hard to create can’t really shake the fundamental darkness overshadowing this episode. A doting grandfather going out on his job and presumed never to return is a tragedy (as is the death of all the other unnamed characters who were also part of the caravan and were somehow forgotten by the end).


It all however makes a mockery of Mile’s declaration at the beginning of the episode that the girls never fail. Admittedly, they did complete the job they were hired to do, but the merchants were still in danger, they just didn’t know it. It is a weird balancing act as the story tries to maintain its genuinely light tone while delving into an increasingly dangerous world with dangers the girls don’t even know about or realise are right around them.


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Still, the clunky exposition as the Nano-Machine mascot character explains the relationships between the kingdoms and then the ‘bandit’ just turning around and dropping his cover after two questions means the execution is somewhat less than amazing. It just kind of happens and everything works but it also all seems fairly unremarkable despite the weight these events might potentially have on future developments.


That said, it is another pretty average episode of an anime that clearly aspires to be average and watchable and is succeeding admirably without making any clear mis-steps even while it never seems to strive for more. If you’ve enjoyed it so far, episode six continues to walk its course.

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