Devils’ Line First Impressions


Part of me wonders why this isn’t called Vampires’ Line. Either way, this anime hasn’t made an overly impressive start but what did you think?


If you are chasing dark and blurry visuals with copious poorly animated blood splatter, this may very well be the anime for you. However so far all it has done is introduce a gravelly voice mystery guy, given us a police chase with little context, and semi-set up a gaggle of potential victims who are loosely connected to the main girl who may or may not be a stand in for vampire bait. Okay, I wasn’t exactly impressed by this first episode.


That said, it is a vampire story and much like fantasy focusing on dragons, supernatural romances involving vampires tend to end up on my watch and read lists no matter how bad they are so I’ll give this one some more time and hopefully it will do something with this set up. Maybe they’ll even figure out how to add lighting to a scene so the audience can actually appreciate the carnage.

What about you? Are you giving this one a try or have you left this off your watch list?

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Karandi James


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26 thoughts on “Devils’ Line First Impressions

  1. Who got the rights for this again? I’m a pretty big fan of the manga; a lot easier, personally to follow without a million and a half characters to track. I’m not surprised this first episode was awful, it was an awkward introduction in the manga too. I’m hoping it’ll improve though. And even then I’ll probably just watch until the end just to see where they decide to cut it.

  2. I think we were supposed to care about the guy who liked her, but I didn’t care. It is funny since the first chapter pretty much writes him off right away and you don’t get all that back story about him.

  3. I read the manga for this and have been looking forward to the anime adaption coming out for a while now. The story should get better. I am just hoping that they will do the story justice.

  4. Looks like another Tokyo Ghoul wannabe.

    I mean, interspecies romance is being setup, we know there’s gonna be racial tensions against the vicious, bloodsucking vampires, etc.

    Honestly, this show could not have come out at a worse time, now that Tokyo Ghoul:Re is out.

    1. I don’t think it is trying to get in on Tokyo Ghoul though. Totally different feel to how it is presented. Not that it was good in any sense of the word, but I think it is more trying to be like an actually edgy kind of Twilight (which isn’t exactly a great angle to go for).

      1. That sounds worse. I disliked Tokyo Ghoul’s adaptation, so seeing this does not sell me on it.

        I’ll wait for your take on the rest of it before I do, so steel on through XD

  5. The vampires are so weird here. Other than blood lust, nothing really matched the usual description of vampires. The girl’s interaction with everyone was just so awkward on top of that, I couldn’t even tell if it was purposeful. One minutes she’s crying about her friend to a stranger, next she’s shouting at him for not noticing there was blood on her lips??

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