Devils’ Line Episode 9: Vigilante ‘Justice’


And we’re back to caring about the fact that people are protesting about the existence of Devils. This anime doesn’t really know how to build a consistent tone at all.


This episode is a little bit of a mixed bag. We get some more information about Lee and a flash-back to his ‘escape’ but not really sure where he sits in the grand scheme of this story. So far he doesn’t seem like a key player and more like an annoying side-kick so I’m genuinely not sure how much attention I’m supposed to give that sequence. We’re also introduced to the new squad leader and we get some cloak and dagger conspiracy talk that is more or less chopped off at the knees when the new guy just tells them point blank to check out his history and that he doesn’t mind them investigating whoever else. Why you would replace someone who is uncooperative with your agenda with someone else who seems like they are going to be uncooperative is a little confusing, but in terms of Devils’ Line it all just seems pretty standard.


Finally we have the squad negotiating with Seven and Nine for information on the CCC. Meanwhile, the streets are filled with chanting protesters who are carrying blood on them and attacking anyone who reacts to the sight. This is great ‘justice’. Meanwhile, other than Squad F has anyone else taken action? Forget the special units, the guys causing the chaos here are human. Where are the normal police? Nowhere to be seen.

As normal, this anime is just kind of bad even while I think there were some interesting ideas behind it.

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