Devils’ Line Episode 8: Larger Social Issues Aside, Let’s Focus on Vampire Sex


Vampires and sex have always been fairly connected in stories, but I think Devils’ Line has just thrown away the symbolism and really just wants to get Anzai and Tsukasa together. Still not sure why, but whatever.

How does he talk at all with his teeth in that state?

The episode of Devils’ Line this week had multiple opportunities to not be a terrible anime. It had the rescue of Tsukasa and the potential revealing of the moles as well as the ongoing social upheaval that has been caused by the reveal that devils actually exist. And yet all of those other points, while present within the episode to a point, were kind of shoved off to the side while we focus on whether Anzai could make out with Tsukasa without biting her. She also gives the ridiculous response at one point that one or two bites don’t matter and that she doesn’t mind physical pain because it hurts more when he isn’t there. Not only is that cheesy, it is downright dangerous in terms of an attitude to have toward a relationship.


Anyway, Devils’ Line does get kind of on to the social side of things toward the end when Anzai drives the doctor to a conference that is arguing about whether the law should be changed to allow devils to have sex (I’m seeing a theme here). Turns out though that one of the speakers is actually… okay watch the episode for the lame reveal.

Last week gave us one of the better episodes this anime had to offer and this week sends us straight back into eye-rollingly bad territory.

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13 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Episode 8: Larger Social Issues Aside, Let’s Focus on Vampire Sex

  1. People know Devil’s actually exist? I’m suddenly curious about this anime(I only watched the first episode) but at the same time I’m not certain I want to see long discussions about vampire sex for no reason.

    1. I kind of agree with this. The idea of a world where they aren’t secret intrigues me a bit, but if it’s all about “can we have sex with them or not” I might have to pass it up and stick to the reviews of it lol.

      1. That kind of seems to be the ongoing focus though there was some attempt at world building, the focus keeps coming back to this human-vampire relationship and now we’re watching them be watched while they try and make out.

    2. I don’t think you should let curiosity win at this point in time. Maybe I’ll change my mind after it ends assuming it does something interesting, but at the moment the negatives far outweigh any positives this series has.

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