Devils’ Line Episode 7: Facing Your Fears Apparently Solves Everything


There’s a flaw in the logic that knowing what you are afraid of will allow you to overcome it, and yet at least this seems like Anzai is finally making some progress so that this anime doesn’t just go around in circles with Anzai and Tsukasa endlessly.


This week I’m actually going to have to lay off mocking Devils’ Line because the episode was actually relatively good. Relatively because it is still built on so many of the issues that have filled the first six episodes of the anime, but at the same time, there was very little that I could point to this week and say it didn’t work within the scope of the story that has been established. Tsukasa didn’t even do anything too blindingly stupid, though she probably could have spared herself some drama if she’d just ditched the kidnappers when they changed cars (and who takes a taxi to their hide-out when escaping the police).


Still, it seems like Anzai is actually going to make some progress as a character and while the introduction of a rival character might be as cliche as they come, at least it is spurring the plot forward and preventing us from reliving the endless loop of the two characters getting close, some dangerous thing happening and Anzai pulling away. Not to mention, his whole spiderman rescue thing at the end of this episode was kind of cool. Next question is how he intends to get down from there.

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10 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Episode 7: Facing Your Fears Apparently Solves Everything

  1. Let me take the opportunity to thank you for all the nuanced reviews you do (including this one, balancing the weakness of the overall story and the strength of the individual episode within that story). I know you put a lot of time and thought into them.

    1. Thank you. Episodic review is hard sometimes because you get caught up in the right now and sometimes you need to force yourself to step back and look at the big picture. In this case, the big picture isn’t great, but this episode was definitely a positive step for the series.

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