Devils’ Line Episode 6: How Deep Does This Conspiracy Go?


Last week I made fun of the fact that they seemed to be setting up a conspiracy within the organisation. This week, I’m left wondering just how far up the food chain must the conspiracy go and how long has it been operating given some of the missing information.


I’m still confused as to why this show can’t just call a vampire a vampire and why we have to confuse the issue by calling them devils, but let’s put that to the side yet again and focus instead on the fact that we’ve gone from poor decision making girl and rapid fire romances without grounds to full on societal conspiracy in the span of two episodes. While I certainly appreciate the story we’re getting now more than the tortured romance tale that was kind of getting dribbled out previously, it is a pretty abrupt shift and the pacing is still all over the place.


There’s just been so many new ideas thrown at us over the past few episodes and while a lot of these address some of the illogical ideas that we had at the beginning, or at least cause characters to start questioning some of the underpinning assumptions, it has been hard to figure out what you need to pay attention to given anything or everything might later become important depending on which direction they go. The major criticism would be that Tuskasa is just as useless a main character this week as any other being mopey and declaring her love of the guy she really doesn’t know to the friend who is showing some genuine and probably some plausibly needed concern.

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11 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Episode 6: How Deep Does This Conspiracy Go?

  1. Issues aside, I’m actually surprised by how much I’m enjoying Devils’ Line, and I’ve never been one for vampire themed anime. I like the characters, violence, and romance. I also think the English dub was well cast.

    1. Glad you are enjoying it. I must admit, I have fun watching each episode even as I’m kind of tearing it apart. There’s just something about it that makes for enjoyable viewing even as the characters make incredibly stupid choices.

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