Devils’ Line Episode 5: Ooh, Conspiracy


Oh no, they finally decided to ask how Anzai could be half-devil when humans and devils can’t have sex. This anime really knows how to ask and not answer the difficult questions.


Well, they didn’t throw any illogical plot developments at us this week but rather spent some time on the fallout of last week’s public slasher attack. This brought Tsukasa and Lee back to Anzai and the other police and set up a nice clear antagonist for them to munch on later in the series. However, does this reasonably logical plot development actually improve the overall anime?


At five episodes in, I still don’t get why Tsukasa and Anzai are a thing. She’s clearly head over heels in love and he’s at least obsessed with her, though I still haven’t figured out when either one had the time to develop anything close to a feeling for the other one. As for the support cast in this tragic tale, they are barely names and faces that blip in and out of existence. So while this episode marks a turning point in that everything that happened in it seemed sensible in light of previous episodes, that doesn’t make this series somehow good. In point of fact, it just reminds us that somewhere underneath all the overly dark sequences there might have been a half-decent story to be explored.

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21 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Episode 5: Ooh, Conspiracy

  1. I bing watched the series last night (just finished it at 2AM) and I have to say that I love this anime . The storyline is fantastic. I saw several different moral compacez within it. There is love, hate, fear, acceptance from others, learning to accept who you are and so much more. I really do hope that they make a third season, but in case they don’t I am going to be looking for the manga or light navel to feed this new anime addiction of mine.

  2. I totally agree with you! It does feel like there is a decent story underneath this mess. It’s a shame really that the interesting stuff is left unexplored when this baffling romance that makes no sense gets all the screen time. I don’t see where or how these two ended up in a relationship either considering they hardly interact besides the countless number of hugs.

    1. It is like we’re just expected to believe love at first sight and move on, but even so, a lot of their interactions don’t make any sense. And they give the heroine so much screen time when she does so incredibly little of consequence and most of what she does is just stupid.

      1. Agreed. Staring at each other or randomly hugging doesn’t really make me believe this relationship at all.
        The amount of screen time she gets is out of proportion. The anime is called “Devils Line” not “Tsukasa’s Line” for crying out loud so why she gets unnecessary screen time is beyond me!

  3. This series sounds like a mess so far, to be honest!

    Do you think the series has any chance to improve later on? Seems really unlikely at this point.

    1. I think if it ditched the romance and actually focused on the whole vampire/devil place in society, then it would get significantly better. That and new writers, new direction, new sound design… Okay, its pretty much watch only if you like seeing something that could have been potentially good delivered really badly.

      1. This is one of those tragedies that happend at least once a year if not every season. Squandered potential, yikes.

        Seem quite unlikely at this rate.

          1. Shiki was good. And Black Blood Brothers (okay that actually needs an ending but what exists is good). Vampire Knight is teen drama but functional.
            However, there is a relatively small sample size here.

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