Devils’ Line Episode 4: If Blood Tolerance Was A Thing, Wouldn’t The Government Know?


About the only thing keeping me watching this anime is the question of whether they can add yet another illogical plot development each and every week. So far, the answer to that would be yes.


Sometimes an anime comes along that just makes you wonder if anyone ever read through the plot before they started and wondered if maybe, just maybe, they should try to insert some logic into the story. This week Anzai is force-fed human blood to heal him and then he goes crazy (duh), and the half-vampire who fed it to him is all shocked and amazed he doesn’t have a tolerance to it. Really? Given every vampire, sorry – Devil, that we’ve met so far has gone completely bonkers just at the sight of blood he’s going to pretend it is shocking that the guy he just fed blood to is losing the plot. Later on he suggests he can help Anzai get used to human blood, but really, surely the government that has been running around this whole time would know if this was actually a thing. Surely you wouldn’t want all these walking time-bombs in your city if there was a way to make them calm around blood.

This character is deeply stupid. Every decision she has made so far, has been stupid. Watch her make another stupid decision.

Of course, the lack of logic doesn’t end there. Our main heroine continues to be stupid for the sake of it. She’s been cut, she’s still splattered in blood, and somehow she thinks Anzai will just snap out of it at the sight of her? What planet has she been on for the past three episodes? More importantly, the scar she later has on her face is significantly longer than the cut was and the bandage is covering which made me wonder if someone else had decided to play slasher on her face.


Right, so this anime is illogical and each plot development feels incredibly forced or stupid, and now we’ve had a reporter slashed on a live broadcast and a vampire member of the film crew munch on her, so I guess we’re not going to the public hysteria phase of the story.

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13 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Episode 4: If Blood Tolerance Was A Thing, Wouldn’t The Government Know?

    1. I really don’t get why this anime seems to think the heroine should be that incredibly stupid but I’m still waiting for her to make one logical decision. I think that will be a moment worth celebrating.

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