Devils’ Line Episode 3: Ill-Defined Relationships


Another episode of this anime and another case of wondering when these two characters got so close. Episode 3 adds little to the mess.


Given there are apparently only 1000 vampires in all of Tokyo, I have to wonder how our main character manages to run into so many with such frequency. She literally runs into one coming back from the grocery store and later on he just turns up on her balcony. This is not normal. It doesn’t even appear to be the usual kind of plot coincidence to get her involved in something because ultimately the guy is a sub-plot who quickly vanishes.


Of course, we can’t have an episode be all sweetness and vampire kissing not-girlfriend who is cooking for him regularly. Before the episode ends we introduce a crazy person who is shooting vampires in the head without warning. There’s some sob story about her mother but really, she’s just venting some frustration by assuming anything with fangs deserves to die. She targets Anzai, blood gets spilled, he loses it and that’s more or less the end of the episode.

It isn’t exactly riveting or good and visually it is horrible, but the story is kind of making sense despite a heavy reliance on coincidence and the skipping over all the steps that usually happen after you meet someone before you stick your tongue down their throat.

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14 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Episode 3: Ill-Defined Relationships

    1. I’m in on that one. It’s a vampire story so of course the heroine is going to somehow manage to bleed every single episode.

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