Devils’ Line Episode 2: We’re Just Skipping Over the Falling In Love Part


The unimpressive continues, though this anime kind of looks like it will pick up as it goes along, or at least it is amusing me. What did you think of episode 2?


This episode picks up after the vampire guy stuck his tongue in her mouth last episode. Turns out he’s only half-vampire (seems like they’ve given up calling them devils already despite the title) but he still struggles with self-control where blood is involved. She’s fine though and now having steamy dreams about the guy and thinking about him constantly. Because that’s how things work. She’s totally over the guy who pretended to be her friend but was really a murderous vampire.


Still, that means we don’t really have enough drama going on, so we’ll have the teacher assault her leading to a vampire rescue and an out of control punch up. Oh I left out the part where they arrest another vampire that lost control over blood and apparently used to be Anzai’s (main vampire guy) friend.  It wasn’t an overly significant moment unless later on they want to make more of this character. I mean it did allow a clumsy segue into a discussion about the legality of vampire/human relationships and why they are a bad idea but given it is a foregone conclusion that these guys are going to be in a relationship sooner or later it just seemed kind of awkward.


What bothers me about this, is that it kind of looks like there could be a decent story developing here if they’d just settle down all the dark and edgy long enough to tell it, and occasionally have our characters stand in a well lit room.

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16 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Episode 2: We’re Just Skipping Over the Falling In Love Part

    1. I felt like I was watching about episode 6 rather than episode 2. It feels like a lot of steps have been skipped so far and we’re just meant to go with it.

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