Devils’ Line Episode 12: The True Tragedy Is That The Story Might Continue


And this series slowly pulls into its final station and there it will stay. I’m not sure what kind of ending that was but I know I’m not planning on watching it again to find out.


I’ll save the rant for the series review. Wow, this is finally done. And while the squad is disbanded and the conspiracy continues in various levels of government and people continue to protest, the anime will of course focus its final half on Tsubasa and Anzai’s relationship as they are forbidden to see each other. And they’ll accept that and wait.

Time skip and there they are together, blushing away.

The end.


Huh, really? An what is the current status of Devils after the time skip? And did anyone get to the bottom of the conspiracy? And all the members of F Squad who were demoted, reassigned or whatever, what happened to them? Does anyone care?

Clearly not the writers.

I am genuinely glad this anime is over.


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4 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Episode 12: The True Tragedy Is That The Story Might Continue

  1. After reading your posts I think i might want to watch this anime. I overheard the name in a panel I went to and I heard the manga was way more graphic.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend the anime, but it isn’t the single worst thing you could watch. I’d love for this story to be redone with more episodes and significantly better animation. That and the heroine to have some common sense forcibly injected into her skull.

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