Devils’ Line Episode 11: Oh No – It’s A Trap


Turns out everyone is a double agent, or maybe a triple agent, who knows. And now they’ve walked into a trap. Terrible really.


You walk into a building where there are dead homeless people and you just keep proceeding with your mission. Later, you act all shocked that someone set you up. Yep, that is the logic that the writers of this show are working with. Because you wouldn’t call in the dead bodies. And you wouldn’t abandon a mission that was clearly not going to plan. And of course you wouldn’t have thought about just taking the computer and running away because you want to waste time copying a list.


By the time Anzai takes yet another bullet and Taira makes the idiotic decision to get Lee to take her to him, you are kind of wondering why the sniper won’t just take out the whole cast so that this can be over already.

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