Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episodes 24 + 25


Recovery and Training


Kimetsu no Yaiba Episodes 24 + 25

We are almost at the end of the first season of Demon Slayer and it seems we have a theme of Tanjiro training to get stronger. Nezuko sleeps through the whole two episodes, Zenitsu and Inosuke flee from the training until later in the piece, and so the focus goes to Tanjiro and to Kocho and those training him.


Again, I’m left wondering how demon slayer training is effective when crucial details and steps are left out of the process, but it is kind of nice to see Tanjiro gaining strength outside of an instant battle power-up. It will be interesting to see how his next fight against a demon goes, though we now run the risk of normal demons being a non-threat given so far they’ve escalated the danger at every encounter.


As to getting the backstory of the butterfly girl, I’m not entirely sure it was needed, though maybe it will be important later on. Or maybe this story is just obsessed with providing an angsty backstory for every single character, even ones that are already in the process of dying. I’m almost wondering why we don’t know the backstory of the sword maker because it seems like every other character gets to share their life story.

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Anyway, Tanjiro training works largely because Tanjiro as a character works. He started off with nothing but determination and he’s applied himself at every step so seeing him gaining a new skill which improves his ability to fight is actually satisfying. Again, I’m left wondering why his own master didn’t mention the whole idea of using the breathing technique all the time even if Tanjiro wasn’t ready to learn it. It seems like a lot of these characters just enjoy not giving all the information.


However, Inosuke and Zenitsu are still about and Zenitsu’s screaming is as annoying as ever whether he’s avoiding medicine, avoiding training, or actually attempting to train. Inosuke on the other hand was slightly more settled until he got his new swords and promptly took a rock to them right in front of the sword maker. You would have to wonder why anyone would make him a sword ever again after that effort.


It was curious that we didn’t see Tanjiro’s sword after it arrived so I wonder if something has changed. Still, we’ve got one more episode so I’m curious as to what Demon Slayer will end on.

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  1. i actually wonder how this will end. i’m up-to-date with the manga, although i’m not gonna spoil anything, but my guess is that kibutsuji muzan will probably show up at the end? because we haven’t seen him in awhile since the last encounter with tanjiro. and don’t forget that rengoku goes off hunting a demon who knows where though.

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