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I think I could do almost anything for that smile.

Episode 7

That was a beautiful escalation at the end of episode 7 of Demon Slayer. This anime is definitely racing but that is more to the benefit as I am constantly caught up in what is happening and never have time to get bored or even feel things are just kind of meandering.


The majority of this episode is finishing off the fight from last week but even that has a few key parts. Tanjiro decides to have Nezuko protect the boy and the rescued girl while he goes into the swamp to fight the demon. The underwater fight is interesting though over fairly abruptly. Realistically, eventually we’re going to have to see Tanjiro not be able to use a move or a demon will have to avoid it otherwise this is going to get a little tedious.


 Meanwhile, Nezuko has a much more dynamic fight with the one remaining demon on the surface. Considering she doesn’t eat people she’s putting up one excellent fight but eventually the demon gets the upper hand. This fight is a lot more thrilling even if Tanjiro’s return and intervention is a foregone conclusion.


Once again though, Tanjiro doesn’t finish the kill straight away. He’s pretty determined to get answers and now he’s got the name of the demon he’s supposed to be finding, Muzan Kibutsuji. However, the demon he’s interrogating first turns to putty at the mention of the name and then does a kamikaze attack and its all over.

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This fight sequence is solid, progresses the story while showing us how Tanjiro is going to go dealing with demons, as well as how Nezuko is going to factor in, and it is just fun with no part really lingering too long. The farewell to the boy gets a little sappy and then we’re off to the next mission, straight away.


I loved seeing Tanjiro’s reaction to the city.


And then we get to the end of the episode where Tanjiro catches the scent of a demon and I was very surprised by how quickly this all happened and yet I absolutely loved how this episode ended. Really looking forward to seeing what happens at the start of the next episode.

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Images from: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Dir. H Sotozaki. Ufotable. 2019.

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    1. It is always about making a good anime. Knowing what you are making and where you are going and having a plan before you start will almost always lead to something better than trying to just do the next thing and wait to know where it all goes later.

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