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A Collection Of Weirdos


Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 22

So like all leading warriors in anime, that hashira are apparently a collection of odd-balls who don’t get along all with an eccentric quirk or visual design so that we can’t confuse the copious group of people we meet in episode 22 of Demon Slayer. While I kind of hope they flesh at least some of these characters out, the first impression of most of them was pretty flat because other than the obvious quirks there just wasn’t much to these characters.


The other part that seems interesting is that the master seems to be the one who asked them to bring Tanjiro and Nezuko along, and yet they more or less decide that killing Nezuko at least is fair game and there’s more than one suggestion of killing Tanjiro (flamboyantly or otherwise). The petty squabbling and lack of cohesion within this group doesn’t bode well.


I am however happy that Tanjiro’s meeting with Kibitsuji finally became somewhat significant. It did seem odd that despite his apparent reclusive nature that Tanjiro just kind of stumbled upon him and I wondered if that would ever be a plot point. And now it is becoming one as yet another argument from the master as to why they should not just arbitrarily kill someone who technically works for them (why do we need to justify not killing him again).


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Of course, Nezuko getting stabbed through the wooden box was a great way to get the audience to generally dislike the scarred guy and the issue will become whether they ever want me to feel sympathetic toward him or at least not hate him. I somehow doubt I’ll get there regardless of his character arc or back-story (if we get either) because watching him poke holes in Nezuko through the box knowing she couldn’t fight back was scummy. If he really wanted her dead he could have just opened the box in the sunlight and finished it quickly. Instead, he caused her pain and harm and justifies himself.


There’s a lot of talk this episode and we end up not so much further along than where we started but at least they are bringing back plot points from earlier. Not to mention, it kind of confirms the suspicion that everyone in this corps is just crazy.


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