Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 20


When Grim Determination Isn’t Enough


Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 20

Well, last week Tanjiro wasn’t rescued but this week fortunately Giyuu arrived on the scene. That said, there was something truly spectacular about the amount of fight Tanjiro and Nezuko put up even though they were hopelessly outclassed. I didn’t even mind the visual reminder of where we ended last week as it meant this episode started with a bang.


However, all things considered, Tanjiro winning probably would have been a little too much and made these demons seem a little too easy and so the demon coming back after apparently having its head severed was very nicely done. I also liked that Rui was ticked off and done playing with his food at that point. He just wanted Tanjiro and Nezuko dead.


Which made Giyuu’s appearance and rescue feel so much more wonderfully timed and when he unleashed an eleventh form of water breathing things went to a whole new level of cool. Not as flashy as some of Tanjrio’s flailing moves but infinitely more controlled and calm in the face of Rui’s attack and he moved with the absolute confidence of someone who knew he could defeat his enemy.


Of course, we also got another round of Tanjiro crawling around and trying to will himself to heal and stand. Eventually he’s going to have to learn just to lie down and be injured. Also, we got another round of villain flashback just as the villains ceased to be relevant so at this point I’m not sure what good showing us how messed up their pretend family life is going to be. It didn’t go on too long at least because we also had to get back to the butterfly themed demon slayer and that was all kinds of cool and scary simultaneously.


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Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that she left a demon slayer in a cocoon knowing he was in the process of being digested? Would it have killed her to release him first and play with the demon second? Or could she have possibly have sped up the whole killing the demon thing instead of messing with her before delivering the killing blow? Yep, Shinobu Kocho is one scary lady and there’s something really creepy about her. Even if she was my ally I’d be keeping at least one eye on her at all times.


All and all though, the episode was great. While the flashback was probably unnecessary, it is pretty standard fare for this kind of story and again, it didn’t linger overly past its welcome. The older demon slayer were awesome and really that was enough to make this episode fun to watch.

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