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Demon Slayer’s Stock is Plummeting


Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 15

Yeah, this one is going down fast. I am starting to actually hate the dynamic between the main three boys and as we waste 8 minutes of the episode watching them chase each other around in a circle or go through petty squabbles before we get into the meat of the episode, facing the spider demon on the mountain, I spent most of the first half of this episode wondering if it was time to drop this from the watch list.

Nezuko’s big entrance ruined by this idiocy.

Now once they get onto the mountain, and leave Zenitsu sitting on the road feeling sorry for himself, and encounter another demon slayer and are fighting other demon slayers being controlled by puppets, it actually improves a great deal. Tanjiro is in his element, which is to say in over his head and frantically trying to catch up. That’s where his character is most fun.


The boar head guy, who I will learn the name of after he stops annoying me every time he opens his mouth, also gets less annoying once the fight begins but still acts idiotically as he stabs spiders with his sword despite already being told that was fairly pointless. About the only useful thing he does is locate the demon controlling the spiders and even then I’m not really buying Tanjiro’s argument that he couldn’t have found her sooner or later.

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However, turns out this one isn’t going to be a simple case of find and kill the demon given there’s more than one demon on this mountain. Certainly taking out the puppet master is a must but it doesn’t seem like it will end there. We also get a couple of older demon slayers getting sent to the mountain so maybe things will get kicked up a notched in the next episode.


Still, from episode 11 my enjoyment of Demon Slayer has been on a sharp decline. The introduction of new characters was rough and to be honest they’ve killed a lot of the enjoyment of the anime since their arrival. I was hoping they would settle down a bit and that I’d get drawn back into the show but the opposite seems to be happening. I’ll give it a little longer but right now this one is definitely not something I now have to see as soon as it comes out. I’m very happy to wait, watch some other stuff, and get back to this one.

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11 thoughts on “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 15

  1. Agreed. One is literally pig-headed and one is literally a clown. I suppose they are going to give us background to “explain” and character arcs to slowly “fix” those two. Problem is, they are so obnoxious I don’t care. I want to see them gone.

    I guess this is what one should expect from an anime that stupidly muzzles the female protagonist to make sure we don’t forget she is contaminated. Keeps her shut up AND gives her a scarlet letter.

  2. Well…considering I have no idea really what this show is about, and seeing it is already at episode 15 and your review for this episode isn’t too positive (even if it did improve eventually) I’m going to give this one a pass. Off topic: I did watch the first two episodes of Fire Force today and I have to say I quite enjoyed that one. (Which means I will be following along with you and Irina, so yay😊)

    1. Glad you enjoyed Fire Force. I’m hoping it draws me in a bit more to the story because while I like the visuals and idea, the plot and characters haven’t done a huge amount for me yet.
      As to this one, the first ten episodes were very solid. This was one of my top 3 from last season. However, the new characters who’ve come in over these last 5 episodes have totally changed the tone and dynamic. I’m hoping it settles again and finds its feet because it was setting up a pretty decent story. That said, if it continues as it is now, I’ll probably end up leaving this series.

      1. Yeah, I guess that is true when it comes to Fire Force, but well…we are only in two episodes, so maybe it will build up eventually 😊
        Okay, that a real shame then. I hate it when a series you originally liked all of a sudden gets turned upside down to become something totally else. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it will eventually change tones for the better and have a decent conclusion 😊

  3. At first I was going to get annoyed that they were going to show the same flashback before and after the OP, but then got worse as they started running after each other, around and around the room. This show was so dark and cool. The demons are excellent, Muzan was sinister and awesome, so how did happen? If this was an early episode I would have turned it off at that point. I can’t believe how drastically it changed in a couple of episodes.

    1. I know. We’ve gone from one of the best villain introductions ever to the three stooges chasing each other in a circle in about 6 episodes. They don’t even feel like they belong in the same anime.

  4. I thought it was just me that hated these last few episodes. Levity in drama is one thing, this has gone to the extremes of goofy comedy that isn’t even funny or entertaining. It has to pick up again soon, surely?

    1. Either that or I’ll let it go. I mean, I lasted 13 episodes of Black Clover before I let that go. People can tell me all they like that it got better but 13 episodes that weren’t enjoyable is enough for me to call it a day.

  5. Hard agree. When they got to the mountain things got better, but a good chunk of this episode was just terrible. I still think, overall, the show will be decent and recover from this, but Boar Dude and Dorito Boy are just a bit too much.

    1. Absolutely. There is no reason it can’t recover, but it has just felt like it has been on a steep downhill slide since Dorito Boy showed up.

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