Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 14


The Battle of the Screamers Begins


Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 14

I think I preferred it when Tanjiro was alone. Zenitsu and the boar headed guy (who’s name I’ve forgotten almost instantly) are really, insufferably, hard to take as they scream and antagonise their way through every scene this week. Admittedly, with the injuries all the characters were carrying, some down time was needed, but with the absence of a demonic threat to fight that just put their personalities on full display and wow are they annoying.


Maybe they’ll find some balance further down the line but for now my enjoyment of Demon Slayer is decreasing in direct proportion to the screen time those two characters are getting and as we had no scenes of Tanjiro alone or even quiet respites from the others, there was very little that was really enjoyable this week.


Admittedly, watching Tanjiro clobber the boar headed guy in the face with a head butt was pretty entertaining in its own way but that doesn’t make up for a whole episode.


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But, to be fair, they did put the boar guy’s fighting style on full display in his bout with Tanjiro and he’s got some great moves. It was a really interesting fight. Now if only he’d stop speaking.


The animation remains fantastic. I’ve gained more and more respect for Tanjiro as a character the series has gone on. Nezuko is still the cutest demon ever, though Latina over on Uchi no Musume may be giving her a run for her money this season.

I still think her box is a TARDIS given when standing she seems way too big to fit in there.

However, they are going to have to balance these characters out soon or I just don’t think I’ll be having all that much fun with Demon Slayer if it continues like this.

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16 thoughts on “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 14

  1. We have schizo orange boy and the pig headed boy. I get the trope. I get the diverse personality idea. Pushing it to such extremes just made he hate both them and the show for those episodes.

  2. I hated this episode. Things were a /little/ annoying before, but this was full blast. Turned it up to 11. No thanks. I’m sure it’ll recover, and these guys could even become great characters later, but this is a black mark on the show no doubt.

    As to your comment on Nezuko’s box, the thing the show is trying to communicate to you is she has the ability to physically change her size. She’s literally shrinking so she fits in the box.

          1. No worries, it didn’t do the best job of communicating it. If you rewatch the latest episode toward the end, when she comes out of the box, you can see how they /tried/ to animate it.

  3. There was just no balance to the episode. When at its best there was one or two short comedic moments, but this was one long and not very funny moment. I feel like it’ll get back to normal once they’re fighting demons again… at least I hope so…

    1. Yes, when there’s ongoing conflict or Tanjiro has been working toward something, Demon Slayer moves along nicely. But this episode, as you said, felt more like one long and not so funny moment and there was nothing to distract us from the not so funny moment.

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