Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 12


Trapped Inside The Demon House


Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 12

What to do when trapped in a house with multiple demons and multiple demon slayers as well as a few kids for fodder? Well, clearly Demon Slayer is using this to introduce us to Zenitsu and the boar guy’s fighting styles as well as to take a moment to let Tanjiro wallow before overcoming his own weakness. Yep, anime at its finest. Broken ribs and legs can be overcome by wrapping a few bandages around them and having strong resolve.


All snarkiness aside, I mean who watches shounen for realistic physical capabilities in the first place, this episode was pretty solid at delivering the story it attempted. We had the annoying Zenitsu once again being annoying, until he passed out and then it was like an alternate personality took over momentarily. Whichever way, his final blow against the demon was very cool to watch, even if that doesn’t offset just how annoying the character is every time he opens his mouth.


Boar Guy, I guess I’ll learn his name eventually, was a little more interesting as he does seem to be fighting demons but isn’t overly interested in saving the kids or working with the other demon slayers. He even fights against Tanjiro at one point after he’s stood on the girl Tanjiro is protecting and Tanjiro has thrown him off.


As a final nice touch to the episode we learn that the main demon in the house was one of Kibutsuji’s numbered demons, with the mark in the eye and everything, but he was thrown out because he couldn’t grow any more. This leads to the crow explaining about rare blood types and delicious humans before Tanjiro goes for the confrontation with the demon.

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There isn’t a lot to complain about with this episode. The dark house full of rooms and corridors that change to the beat of a drum makes for an interesting enough setting for a tense show down and while the story is left unresolved, with three demons and three demon slayers it would have felt fairly rushed if we’d finished everything within the space of this episode.

I get the impression we’ll see this scene a lot from Zenitsu.

However, is Nezuko going to get into the house or is she sitting the whole sitatuation out in her box? More importantly, if she gets into the house, will one of the other demon slayers try and kill her?

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  1. Zenitsu is basically Misty’s Psyduck from Pokemon, which is both hilarious and also sad. Sad because this personality quirk will most likely substitute for any genuine character development for him throughout the upcoming series.

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