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Instant Protagonist Recovery

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 10 - Tanjiro
This is Demon Slayer’s version of victory.

Demon Slayer Episode 10

I just have to wonder how fast a broken leg and ribs can heal given Tanjiro goes from crawling on the ground unable to even grip his sword from exhaustion to walking down stairs and talking normally within the space of one demon dying. It really was the one thing that threw me right out of full immersion this episode but it left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth given the rest of the episode worked well enough at ending the fight.

Tanjiro was crawling on the ground just a minute ago and now, fine.

Again, we do have the extended flashback of the end of the last episode to start this episode. I’m just accepting that this anime is going to keep doing that and move on at this point. It is wasted screen time and will be worse when trying to binge watch given you will have literally just finished the last episode and be stuck rewatching, but whatever.

After that we swiftly move into the arrow demon having his last revenge against Tanjiro even as his body is disintegrating and it essentially becomes a battle of attrition. The question is whether or not Tanjiro can hold out and keep using his moves long enough or whether he will become exhausted and the demon’s attacks will smash him to pieces before the demon is gone.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Demon head

It is one of those overly long and flashy fight sequences you get in shounen where you already know the outcome but the animation looks interesting enough and they are showing off lots of the sword forms so we’ll just kind of go with it.

The second demon, engages in a ball fight with Nezuko which also seems fairly pointless but is again fun enough to watch, before Tamayo casts one of her spells. Now the spell itself is pretty tame but it does loosen the demon’s lips enough that she actually says Kibutsuji’s name, at which point she freaks out and Tamayo points out that it is going to activate a curse. The more we learn about Kibutsuji the nastier he seems.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Nezuko pats Yushiro

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This sequence does teach us a few things though. Firstly, the two demons weren’t part of the 12 whatevers, so the question becomes whether they were lying or whether they were deceived. We also learn that Kibutsuji has taken some fairly solid measures to protect himself against the demons he creates, which only makes sense really.

They almost made me feel sorry for the demon here.

This episode works well enough but essentially it is just wrapping up this encounter before sending Tanjiro on his way to the next one and I guess we’ll find out more about the cowardly demon slayer next week given Tanjiro is about to run into him.

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Images from: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Dir. H Sotozaki. Ufotable. 2019.

7 thoughts on “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 10

  1. That thing about the injuries just didn’t make sense and it kind of affected my general enjoyment of this episode because I kept coming back to it. They should’ve just changed something or added something. Like maybe he just thought it was broken or some time passed or… something, I don’t know.
    Nezuko’s strenght/abilities suddenly increasing in the middle of battle also made me cringe a bit. It’s just such a typical shounen anime move, I’m slightly disappointed.

    1. Nezuko didn’t bother me so much because it is just standard for the genre. It yeah, with Tanjiro’s injuries it would have been very easy to fix the situation if they had thought it through.

  2. I finally caught up to this show and I thought the same about huh, how can he walk and move now? But then I thought, hey, this demon doctor lady has been doctoring humans, too, and working on it for like 200 years, right? So maybe she had a bone healing serum or something. Still pretty unbelievable.

    1. I think even if she had some super healing technique, they needed to show her administering it or something for this to make sense.

  3. “It really was the one thing that threw me right out of full immersion this episode but it left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth given the rest of the episode worked well enough at ending the fight.”

    I actually said “Huh?” out loud at this point. My cat was confused.

    My current theory is that this world is actually post Fallout 4, and they’re using Stimpacks. In Survival Mode, it would take about the amount of times to walk down the stairs to be effective.

    Or maybe Nezuko’s cuteness level is high enough to cure wounds?

    1. I like the stimpack notion. It kind of fixes everything and I doubt broken bones would be a bit of an issue.
      It is odd because otherwise this episode was quite good but that just seemed like such an unnecessary hole in the story.

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