Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 7 – So, No Consequences For Failure…

Deep Insanity Episode 7 Review

Deep Insanity episode 6 did in fact see the death of the only character with any personality in the entire show. I’d wondered if the fact that he ‘fell’ to his death meant they were going for a fake out but nope, we have a coffin and the collection of his personal items. The XO is dead and with it any small amount of personality or interest that may have existed in this cast.

Deep Insanity Episode 7

That would be frustrating enough except that Vera was warned of consequences for failing the mission including having her platoon disbanded and as far as I can see, other than the death of a team-member, absolutely no consequences have been applied to anyone. Instead almost as soon as they are done packing up the XO’s belongings the team simply return to the Asylum and realise the guy who killed Leslie is still hanging around and has taken a whole pile of party guests hostage.


Something about finding the god child but given none of them know where she is mostly he seems to just be standing around waving a gun with the one arm he has left (oh yeah, because you can totally function as normal after having your arm shot off without seeking serious medical attention) until our team of bland characters show up to fight him (also for reasons unknown).

In case it isn’t clear, Deep Insanity is just not very interesting.

From the practical side of things, Deep Insanity initially sets up an episode that seems like it is actually going to look at grief as the younger cast members are genuinely stilled by Leslie’s death. However all too soon the plot whips away from that and has Vera telling Shigure that the assassination plot is still on and he’ll be given a new time to carry it out later.

Deep Insanity Episode 7

Why she thinks he’ll actually pull the trigger this time when he couldn’t last time is seriously questionable.

For a brief moment Shigure actually asks some decent questions but all too soon simply decides to passively ‘think about it’ and then they all go on the mission that I’m still wondering how they even knew about.

Why were they sent back to that village? Why did the other guy stay there when it was clear the god child was no longer there? And why do the monsters just kind of suck? Also, why are they carrying guns and weapons that don’t effect the monsters? And why do bullets not work but swords and scythes apparently cut through the monster flesh like scissors through paper?

Oh Deep Insanity, if just one thing about you was interesting or made sense.

On that note, I’ve mentioned before that characters shouldn’t review their own shows. Equally though, characters shouldn’t say something that is obviously completely rubbish. One-armed guy tells Shigure that he could see why Leslie was interested in him because he’s interesting.

Deep Insanity Episode 7

Has he met Shigure? The guy is the single most boring character to ever exist and he hasn’t gotten any more interesting over the past seven episodes. He’s still just kind of there and wandering through the plot like a sleep-walker. Even his decision to continue with the assassination plot (even though he so isn’t cut out to be an assassin) is simply to not let Leslie’s death be in vain. Only when he inevitably fails and more people die, won’t that be worse?

Anyway, Deep Insanity remains deeply flawed and has really failed to do anything interesting with its premise or setting. Again, the whole disease thing seems to have vanished from the plot’s radar, the fact that this base is meant to be in Antarctica is more or less meaningless, and inside the Asylum is so generic as to be completely forgettable.

Deep Insanity Episode 7

Basically, it really doesn’t matter what this anime does with its final 5 episodes. There’s pretty much no salvaging this anime.

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Images from: Deep Insanity: The Lost Child. Dir. S. Oonuma. Silver Link. 2021

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