Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 6 – The Flawed Plot Fails (What A Surprise)

Deep Insanity Episode 6 Review

What to say about Deep Insanity episode 6?


A simple recap would go along the lines of leaders give Vera the go-ahead with her ‘plan’ which is more or less just shoot El-Cee during a party (not exactly the conspiracy of the century) using an assassin who is never (and I do mean never) actually going to pull the trigger. So the whole thing is doomed to failure even before outside interference comes in to play.

Deep Insanity Episode 6

The team infiltrate the party (a party inside asylum mind you) dressed as maids with Daniel in some building somewhere set up to snipe El-Cee as soon as she comes to a window. Interestingly enough, before the infiltration she was outside the building on a swing. Prior to that Daniel and Larry ran into her just walking around. Pretty sure this party is the most difficult time ever to actually access El-Cee so naturally that makes it the perfect time to actually try and kill her.

Plenty of people at the party mention she’s the God-Child. I guess even the writers of Deep Insanity understand that no one knows what is going on or why and if they just keep telling us El-Cee is special they can at least justify the plot progressing even if their words don’t actually make it any clearer what El-Cee is or why she’s important.

Deep Insanity Episode 6

Deep Insanity seems like it wants us to take this plot seriously but you just can’t.


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Then the guy who tried to kill Daniel and was beaten up by his boss for failing last episode shows up and has a tussle with Leslie before Daniel, set up to snipe someone else, shoots his arm off.

This naturally results in mission failure and the team run, pursued by a robotic thing.

Deep Insanity Episode 6

And for a closing act, Deep Insanity decides to resolve this whole situation by most-likely killing the only character in this anime who actually has any kind of personality or is enjoyable to see on screen. Good move. Will make future episodes really entertaining. I do say most-likely killing largely because any character who dies by falling, when you don’t see the impact, is always suspicious. Poor writers have a tendency to later on ret-con a last minute save to bring them back even if it makes no sense what-so-ever to do so.

I’d be somewhat more concerned about this whole mission failure thing except that Deep Insanity never explained why it was important in the first place. The only immediate penalty the story has indicated is that Vera will lose her platoon (though whether they’ll all be killed, fired, or reassigned wasn’t really indicated) and I’m not really caring all that much about that outcome.

Deep Insanity Episode 6

I don’t get Asylum and the exiles. Initially the thought that there were people in Asylum was kind of intriguing wondering how they survived in that wilderness full of monsters but now we see they just have villages and parties and it is more or less just like the surface only somewhat more medieval in clothing choices and weaponry. It makes it distinctly less interesting.

There’s also the added annoyance of Larry this week. For all his indifference to everything which was apparently medically caused, this week for whatever reason he acted scared and hesitant enough that even his co-worker called him on it. This kind of character inconsistency just seemed unnecessary right at this point in time and it isn’t as though it added anything to the episode other than making me wonder why we spent so many weeks meeting the team if they are just going to change personalities on a whim.

Basically Deep Insanity continues its trend of being pretty inept and not that much fun. Oh well.

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Images from: Deep Insanity: The Lost Child. Dir. S. Oonuma. Silver Link. 2021

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