Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 5 – Blah, Blah, BBQ, Blah

Deep Insanity Episode 5

I watch a lot of rubbish television and movies, by choice. I’m pretty happy to sit through lame sci-fi, much like bad horror or action movies provided they keep me interested. Deep Insanity: The Lost Child isn’t keeping me interested and with episode 5 I was actively having to remind myself to pay attention I was that bored.

It isn’t any one particular issue but rather the fact that five episodes in I still have zero reason to care about any of these characters, still no nothing more about the setting, am not invested in the conspiracy and secret plan going on in the background (which two characters discuss opening in a communal space this week so I don’t think even they care that it is supposed to be super secret), and basically everyone in this show just feels like they don’t know what their role is either so they all come across as just kind of bland.

Deep Insanity Episode 5

Deep Insanity: Underwhelming for 5 straight episodes.

I’d say I was going to call it after this episode and just drop Deep Insanity off my watch list except for one thing. And that is we’ve now had one episode with Daniel getting closer to or learning more about (what little shallow points there are to learn) another member of his team. He’s now done this will all the members of his team that he interacts with so maybe, just maybe episode 6 will finally do something worth watching.

Of course, if it doesn’t I’m pretty sure this one is coming off my watch list without any regrets.

Deep Insanity Episode 5

This episode of Deep Insanity starts off with bad guy in suit getting into the glasses wearing bad guy in a suit’s face because of his failure to kill Daniel last week. And in the unsubtle way this show works, to demonstrate this guy is bad news he beats the crap out of his subordinate and his subordinate thanks him for it.

What follows is an uninspired and uninteresting walk through realising that Daniel is struggling to communicate with Kobato and so the rest of his team decide the best way to fix this is a BBQ.

You know, I love that the people hired to investigate (or whatever it is they are doing in asylum) the world’s greatest mystery that might in fact be releasing a disease that could wipe out humanity, are all such clear and rational thinkers and come up with awesome plans like this. (Heavy eye-roll.)

Deep Insanity Episode 5

So Deep Insanity sends Daniel and Kobato shopping together to get ingredients which leads to a chance (?) encounter with the weird little girl from last week who sends her ineffectual evil bunny rabbits to harass the pair.

Seriously, there’s nothing funnier than watching too supposedly trained soldiers flee from a pair of blue bunnies.

Anyway Daniel and Kobato work together and overcome the menacing rabbits and then for whatever reason a weird blue smokey thing appears. At this point I just didn’t care. They run away, have a small heart to heart, go back and beat up the blue thing. Then we get the group BBQ and everyone is all happy because they’ve come to a better understanding of one another.

Deep Insanity Episode 5

Meanwhile anything resembling plot is on hold unless you count the Commander lady confirming that it will happen in two weeks.

I could be fine with Deep Insanity diverting from this whole conspiracy plot for some character development focus is only it was in any way interesting. But it really isn’t. None of these characters, even on closer inspection, are more than one or two descriptors on a page and they aren’t interesting. Their interactions never seem authentic. What little conflict we are getting through the random bunny attack here feels superfluous and fairly pointless.

All and all, Deep Insanity has thoroughly unimpressed me across 5 episodes. It gets one more and then it may be time to say good-night.

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Images from: Deep Insanity: The Lost Child. Dir. S. Oonuma. Silver Link. 2021

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