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I seriously can’t believe I hadn’t reviewed this anime already. I was probably holding it off for a special occasion and the lead up to Halloween works for me. Plus, having watched the Netflix movie recently the anime was on my mind so I rewatched the first half of it again so now seems a good time to write this. What is it about? Light, typical high school genius, finds a notebook that claims that if you write someone’s name in it that person will die. Of course he tries it and then he thinks he can change the world by wiping out all the criminals. Enter L, the detective who is going to hunt down the killer that leaves no evidence. I examined the relationship between Light and L in a feature on conflict a fair while back but here’s the link if you are interested.

By the way, this review has spoilers. Big ones. Just warning you.


Just have to say straight out that I love Death Note. This was one of the titles that really hooked me as an adult anime viewer and is part of the reason I became such a fan of anime. That isn’t to say the series is perfect or that I don’t have issues with it, but in terms of showing me that anime could be more than magical girls or giant robots, Death Note perfectly hit the spot and made me start looking further afield for shows to watch and I haven’t really looked back since.

I’ll start with the main criticism I have of the show and then I’ll get to gushing about how amazing it is.


The major criticism of Death Note is the story. It is incredibly juvenile when you sit back and actually look at the plot without the atmosphere and tone making it look far more sophisticated than it is. Teenage boy gets a book that can kill people and decides he wants to play god. Other teenage boy  wants to prove he’s the best detective in the world by solving the unsolvable. Fight, fight, fight (admittedly, this is a mental battle but it is on par with anything you would see in most shounen stories) and then one of the two is defeated.

And while that is pretty basic, it is incredibly rewarding to watch, only the story doesn’t finish there. They then introduce some new antagonists for the protagonist to face off against and mostly duplicate the steps from the first half, only with less enthusiasm and atmosphere, in what appears to be a desperate attempt to stretch content and not let the series rest.


For all that Death Note is quite clever in some of the things it does, the plot is not one of them. At its core it is an incredibly obvious make the audience question what they would do in a situation type story. And once we establish that Light is not a very stable person given he rationalises the deaths of thousands fairly quickly (which could be a statement about a lack of emotional intelligence in geniuses but mostly just comes off as unhinged), it is clear that despite being the protagonist, Light is the villain of the story, responsible for far more deaths than any of the criminals he consigns to death.

There are also issues with some of the twists in the story as they attempt to make it look like excellent planning and genius skill level on behalf of Light and L, but the anime continuously falls back on coincidence to keep things moving. What if Misa hadn’t visited Light at the university when L stole her phone and then she was arrested? What if Light hadn’t just run into Naomi on her way to the police station? What if Rem hadn’t acted to keep Misa safe? There are so many moments where things happen by chance but the characters act as if they were all factored in. Though that is a problem any time a character is supposed to be a genius. Most writers aren’t so even if they try to think about what a genius might do in a situation it usually comes off pretty contrived.

So now that I’m done tearing the plot apart, why do I love this show so much?


The challenge between Light and L is amazing. Okay, I know I said earlier it is pretty standard shounen affair with both declaring themselves to be the face of justice and becoming entirely fixated on defeating the other, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great to watch. Despite the moments where these characters seem to slip up in their thinking, it is fun watching both characters try to find the tiniest chink in the other’s armour. Their natural attraction to one another, as someone who is thinking on their level, adds and extra dimension to the challenge, and even at the silliest moment (the fist fight while hand-cuffed still annoys me) these two characters are at their best when facing one another head on.


I also just love Light as a protagonist. He’s so much fun to pick at and analyse. Did the book and the power make him crazy or was he always that way and the book gave him opportunity? There are arguments you can make both ways and evidence for both. I particularly love the scene with Naomi as Light is genuinely forced to think on his feet to deal with an unforseen situation. This is not the overly confident, maniacal laughing Light from the latter part of the series, but is the student still finding his way and looking carefully at all the angles and trying to find the best solution to his ‘problem’. That Naomi pushes him nearly to the brink before he succeeds is wonderful and there’s a real sense of tension in the entire exchange. My heart honestly fell a little when I realised Light had come out on top. I’d kind of hoped Naomi would find a way to be the first step to Light’s demise.


Naturally Ryuk is another big draw to the show. His observations about humans and his general disinterest in the overall situation is quite entertaining. I would have liked him to have had a more active role at times given sometimes he seemed willing to help Light and other times he seemed obstinate for the sake of it. But still, as a Death God with no actual loyalty to Light, he was a pretty well done character.

I guess I should bring Misa up. She is kind of a necessary character for the plot to get going given without her mistakes they may never have gotten close to figuring out what was going on. Otherwise, most of her interactions in the story are pretty forgettable.

Death 3

The overall atmosphere and tone of the anime are wonderful. I love the use of symbolism and colour, even if it is in your face obvious most of the time (back to that idea of being a little juvenile). It just works beautifully at building tension and suspense. Also drama. How they manage to make a kid writing in a note book that intense is one of the absolute mysteries of the show.

The first opening theme is also fantastic. The second one however… well it isn’t a total train wreck is probably the nicest thing I’m going to say about that screaming drone with eye-hurting visuals. Of course, the second opening kind of coincides with where I usually stop watching because to be honest, after L leaves the story there is little real appeal in this show anymore. The end is worth watching the first time so you know how it ends, but rewatches allow you to just stop and not have to deal with the Mello and Near fiasco.

And that makes Death Note truly unique in that it is an anime I absolutely recommend even while admitting I don’t rewatch the end of it very often because it isn’t very good. That first half is pretty compelling and well worth trying if you’ve never given it a go.

Thanks for reading.

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26 thoughts on “Death Note Series Review: Not Quite Cat and Mouse

  1. Yeah, the loss of L also meant the loss of my interest. The others felt like a poor man’s replacement despite the storyline. Going back to the cat and mouse comparison, it’s like one of the two had been replaced by a wildcat or a rat. They may be close, but it’s just not the same.

  2. Great review. Ryul will always be my favorite character. He pretty much just steals the show. Willem Dafoe did suck a great job playing him in the Netflix version.

  3. Death Note was one of the first anime that I have watched and was totally engrossed with. And I agree that after L was gone it was just not the same! Great review here.

  4. I had already had Death Note spoiled for a me a little bit because I knew that L died at some point. This, of course, was disappointing, but I wasn’t bothered by N either. I can understand why some people lose interest in this show after L dies, and you’re right, the plot is very simple, but you kind of HAVE to keep watching. Too much is at stake, and as the viewer, you really want to see Light fall. Simply watching people be really smart is also really fun too!

    1. I just wonder how much more powerful the whole story would be if they’d compacted it and not stretched it out with the introduction of N and Mello. Or better yet, if N had been there from the start of L’s successor so we had a reason to buy into the character from the start.

  5. Death note should really have ended with L and Light…
    As for the second opening song, well, it’s probably one of the most memed anime openings out there…

  6. Great review. Admittedly I know a lot about this series without ever having seen it. Strange huh? I watched three live action Japanese movies for this series (three Deatnote movies and a spin off about L) All of them were honestly very good. Probably not as good as the anime (in fact I doubt it), but still highly entertaining. After that I became interested in the series as a whole and bought the series on dvd, and two first volumes of the manga. And since I bought it, it has been gathering dust on my shelves. This review though, gave me a great prompt to start watching it now. It’s interesting how posts can truly sometimes give a nudge in the right direction. Currently I am watching Girls und Panzer, which I had never watched before, because of a post by the Otaku Judge. And after that Death Note is next, you can count on that 😉 This was a great read, thanks for this 😀

    1. Yes, I often get reminded of a series I have sitting around that I haven’t watched for awhile when I read a post on it and suddenly I get an urge to revisit.
      I hope you enjoy Death Not. Let me know about Girls und Panzer. I received the OVA collection for that as part of a mystery box and still haven’t opened it because it doesn’t look like something I would enjoy.

      1. Well, I’m on episode 6 right now, and I am loving it. I was exactly the same, I skipped over it numerous times because I thought this was something I would not enjoy, but wow was I wrong. I am halfway through, so things could still change of course, but so far I really am enjoying it. As for Deathnote, I am pretty sure I am going to be enjoying that one 😀 But of course I will let you know 😊

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