Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Episode 8: Shortcut Through A Dungeon



I mentioned in the second light novel review that the dungeon exploring elements in this story seem more obligatory than actually apart of the story with the protagonist going out of his way to get through it as fast as possible. When reading that seems like an odd choice but the focus is on living in another world and not so much on defeating dungeons (though why include the dungeon at all then). When watching this play out it isn’t just odd, it is boring. And that is the single worst thing I could say about a show.


Any way, Mia is kidnapped by the Undead King and Satou follows ending up in a dungeon of 200 floors which he essentially uses short cuts to get through. While I don’t actually want to see him grind 200 floors, it would be nice if this sequence at least presented some kind of challenge or even built up some sense of anticipation. However, the story tone just reeks of obligation. This is a based on a game isekai so here’s your dungeon sequence, slap


The end result is an understandably less than satisfying viewing experience. And even the set up for the next episode isn’t doing all that much for me. Even if I hadn’t read how it would resolve it just doesn’t seem likely that there’s going to be much excitement from the confrontation they’ve just set up so for a cliff-hanger it really kind of failed to generate any enthusiasm for what comes next.

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