Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Episode 7: Still Images and Exposition – Fun?



Well my fingers were crossed for something interesting and all I got for my effort was cramped fingers and an episode that was determined to take the one interesting plot point it might have offered and delivered it in the single dullest way possible. No joke, they had a serious point to explain about how the elf had been kidnapped and escaped from wizards before being found by the rat guy in the red helmet and friends and how they helped her get to the city, and all of this was told to the audience in an emotionless voice over by the main character while we had still shots of the events being described. Are they kidding us?

There are even any words at this point in time. Sure, they may have given this sequence as basic exposition in the light novel but that’s the thing about adaptations. They need to be adapted to suit the medium. And this didn’t even try. Same with the camping sequence, also shown through a series of still images.


If we add in Arisa’s BL fascination earlier in the episode lacking any real context or reason to exist, you could definitely claim that this show has really kind of failed at producing an engaging adaptation. Faithful, maybe, given all the events so far have in fact been in the source, but I’m not one to care whether we’re trudging page after page through the source material if the result is duller than watching my laundry dry.


I am seriously only finishing this at this point because I want to see out this experiment of watching something I’d already read the source material of. That said, even if I hadn’t read the source material, I’d be annoyed by how tedious this show has become as it just squanders every opportunity to be interesting.

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