Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Episode 6: Bad Plays and Flying Ants?



We continue on our journey of finding accommodation and good things to eat while Zena continues to try to get Satou’s attention and the rest of the girls jump eagerly to please at every turn. After unsuccessfully (and in an uninteresting manner) going house shopping, Satou and Zena go to a play with the others and then critique it based on its anti-feminist messages.


While that might be slightly sarcastic, that is more or less the crux of that segment of the story. About the only real benefit the conversation brings is that Arisa confronts Zena about her reason for being a soldier. And considering how timid she is and how accident prone, Arisa’s reasoning that Zena is avoiding a potential arranged marriage holds quite a bit of weight, even if the way Arisa says it is kind of blunt.


Anyway, we then have flying ants attack and while the soldiers are doing their soldier thing, Satou and slaves seems to save the day for multiple civilians earning them thanks and another meal. The very end of the episode introduced a new character and hopefully the anime will continue to follow the books because the new character did lead to an interesting segment in the novels. Fingers crossed that something eventually happens in this show that is actually interesting.

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