Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Episode 5: And Here is Arisa



The arrival of my least favourite character in the light novels was not an asset to this episode. Then again, it is hard to think of what might have improved this given essentially twenty minutes of screen time is taken up with a walk to the hotel, a conversation in bed, and then a really annoying girl-walks-in-on-guy-sleeping-next-to-other-girl-and-jumps-to-conclusions trope. At least she didn’t slap him.


In fairness, they also ate a meal. Wow, this show is hard to find a positive in this week.


Anyway, Arisa is one of two new slaves that Satou has purchased and essentially added to his ‘not’ harem because he still insists he isn’t into young girls. She’s a Japanese girl reincarnated in this world and actually does bring some useful contextual knowledge to the story given it turns out there are reincarnations from Japan and summoned humans, but neither situation seems to fit Satou’s current predicament given he wasn’t born into the world and his appearance changed when he arrived (plus the absence of a summoning circle kind of hits that one on the head). We also learn that Arisa has a range of magical abilities that could make her quite scary if used the wrong way. Seriously though, Arisa’s entire personality annoys me. It annoyed me while reading it and it is worse watching it.


In case you are wondering about the other slave, I wouldn’t as other than a few scared looks, a stomach growl, and an entirely way too convenient moment of sleep talk, her presence was more or less zero in this episode. Really though, this show needs to think about what they are trying to do. While they are doing a great job of pretty much walking us through the books, what they aren’t doing is being entertaining viewing so far.

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13 thoughts on “Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Episode 5: And Here is Arisa

  1. Reading your posts makes me glad I didn’t continue this after the first episode. It doesn’t seem that great so far….I shouldn’t judge though, because I’m still watching Gin no Guardian and I have no idea why.

    1. I managed to keep my promise to myself not to start the second season of that (Gin no Guardian). I did however add it to my queue so I guess I plan to check it out after it is done airing, which will probably be a mistake but curiosity is a powerful thing.

  2. I seriously dislike Arisa. She’s such an irritating, grating character designed purely for fanservice and forced tropes. Honestly, the series as a whole would be much, much better without her existence.

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