Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Episode 2: They Are Cutting A Lot Of Corners Here



Well, the experiment of watching a show I’ve read the source material for continues and it is kind of to the show’s detriment that it seems to be faithfully following the lines of the light novel. However, while the endless descriptions and the like kind of work while reading given you can visualise the various sights, sounds and smells for yourself, in anime form this is just kind of dull.


Added to the very little happening other than Satou getting a lift with the knights into town, gaining entry and then doing some shopping before eating a meal, the animation in this is really terrible. Transitions between scenes are best described as clunky and the number of still images or repeated animations for characters are stacking up quick. The excuse that it is mirroring the behaviour of NPC’s and settings in game worlds is not going to cut it when the end result is something pretty ugly to look at.


From a story point of view, this is functional. It isn’t overly exciting, but it is functional. But the number of issues it seems to have and the sheer lack of any real appeal is kind of going to see this one dead in the water. Though if I had to pick a key complaint this week it would be that Satou’s status bar when viewing the world from his perspective overlaps perfectly with the subtitles making them very challenging to read. I’m continuing with this one more out of curiosity about whether it will veer from the source material rather than any actual enjoyment from this episode.

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15 thoughts on “Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Episode 2: They Are Cutting A Lot Of Corners Here

  1. Normally shows like this will do it for me, however this one is too much like SAO, which as known not a fan of. Like yourself, I’m continuing to watch out of curiosity more than anything.

    1. I really like SAO and I’m not getting a similar feeling from this at all. It hasn’t got anywhere near the excitement or tension that I felt during the first arc of SAO. I think because Kirito was genuinely fearing death in the early episodes and acted on that fear whereas Satou just wants to look around.

      1. Errr..well Satou is in a 15 yr old body and is immensely powerful, like real powerful. He one shot an entire lizard men army. Kirito is also 15 and is powerful. That’s where I’m going. But cool you like SAO.

        1. Yeah, but Kirito had to go through multiple floors and fights to gain power and he also suffered losses on the way, whereas Satou just kind of hit a button and wiped out an army. I don’t think Kirito has ever one shot an army.
          Anyway, the two stories are quite different in their approach given SAO was about survival and escaping the game where as this is more a travel guide to a fantasy game world.

          1. First arc was about surviving and escaping, there after it became all about the game and exploring the game with friends. Being powerful, doesn’t mean your invincible. He didn’t one shot an army, however he has one maned high lvl world bosses and almost singlehandedly obliterated a high lvl raid group. He’s a one man army 😜. But yeah, I do agree the story is different.

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