Days Episode 2 + 3

Review Episode 2:

There is something really sweet about the main character in this show and that’s about the only draw this show still has for me. I kind of want to see him succeed and they have just the right ratio of failure and idiocy to success to string you along and make you keep watching. That said, the short cuts in animation and storytelling make this episode significantly less compelling than it might be. Why animate all the guys running up a hill when you can pan over still images of guys who might be running up a hill? Plus, there’s only so many running scenes and people huffing and puffing after running you can take in an episode.

Review Episode 3:


This picture just summed up my feelings of the entire bathroom scene.

Well, they finally played an actual game of soccer and it went as well as can be expected for Tsukushi. Despite the usual training camp setting, the boys with clashing with boys from other schools, and the random moments of philosophy thrown in that you usually get with sports anime, this one is still kind of winning me over because I just can’t help but smile. I’m actively disliking the genre but the characters and the general uplifting feeling I’m getting while watching this is making it pleasant. This was close to dropped after episode 2 but I kind of feel like I’m committed now as I do genuinely want to see where this team goes (even though it is probably the same place every anime team goes).

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    1. I kind of want to know what he was doing before high school though. Clearly he puts effort in so why hadn’t he started ‘something’ prior to being asked once to play a sport?

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