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My opinion about Days as a series is unchanged. There’s a number of issues with pacing and characterisation going on. This episode, however, I loved. From start to finish I was absolutely engrossed. It helped that the main focus of this episode were the characters on the team we’ve spent the most time with. It also helped that they continued their development as characters and players that was kicked off last episode. Kimishita and Tsukamoto particularly come out of this episode quite strong and even Kazama has an off-field revelation spurred on by the team manager, Ubukata. It’s a great way to finish off this two part game and it really feels like all of the episodes up to now have had some ort of purpose.


I am starting to think that part of the problem with this team’s lack of consistency is that no-one really gets what the Captain is thinking because he’s a really poor communicator. Great soccer player or not he really isn’t a great leader and that leaves his players at loose ends far too often. That said, compared to some of the other Captains we’ve encountered in this series he isn’t too bad.

Lastly, I had to share this quote because when watching this scene I just felt like they had captured a feeling most people have at some point in their lives. This show may not be quite as deep as some others but every now and then they just nail the emotions.


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4 thoughts on “Days Episode 18

  1. You pretty much nailed it. If a team cpt can’t rally his team mates around him, then it will cause problems for the team. As they look to him to gather and rally – if he can’t do that, then team cohesion will suffer. Up until now, they’ve won on single merit alone, not as a team. And that pretty much explains why they keep Tsuku around. He rallies the team & raise team morale – which is just as equally important as player skills.

    I will say this, most sports anime never touch on the team aspect side of things. This anime does. All it takes is one player to disrupt team morale and the dressing room to cause strife.

    1. It’s actually good now that Tsukamoto is finally able to play a bit too. Just being positive isn’t going to keep you on a team when there is actual competition.

  2. Yes, this was probably one of my favorite episodes in the entire show so far besides they episode after they lost. There is some great character writing, but it’s so inconsistent.

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