Days Episode 17


Okay, I was ready to call this series dead in the water after we had over 3 minutes of recap from the previous episode before the opening song. 5 minutes in and we only just started with new material. However, that’s when things got better and didn’t stop. The game this time is actually quite intense and the events at half-time (the end of this episode) leave you wanting more. You also see some of the results of the journey each of these characters have been on throughout this series which is something we’ve been wanting for awhile. This episode doesn’t make this series a must watch again. This show has been fairly hit and miss in terms of tone and pace right from the start and once the novelty of something different (for me at least because I don’t normally follow anything sport related) wore off what I was left with was a fairly generic story about someone who felt they were useless gradually finding out where they belonged and working hard to achieve a goal. All and all though, this episode was kind of exciting to watch and I really can’t wait to see what happens next.

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  1. Because of length of the recap I got confused- thinking oh I must be caught up with the episodes – but then the opening theme hit and I was like..gah, why! You got me Days. You got me.

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