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I’m starting to feel a little bit worn down by Days. Not surprising really given it was never the kind of anime I’m really interested in. I still do like the characters and I don’t intend to drop this because I do want to see how they develop right until the end but I did find this episode in particular a little tedious. From the opening gag with the boys finding a bra to Tsukamoto’s excessive emotional outbursts and self-doubt (not really new to the series but this episode it just felt a little too much). Not to mention this episode individually accomplished nothing, though lay the ground work for future developments. The only real shining part of this episode was finally getting to know Haibara. Up until now he’d very much just been in the background and this episode gave him a bit of a moment though it felt like the writers new we didn’t have a clue who he really was given they had almost every character say his name in about a five minute span (slight exaggeration). All and all, this series is continuing as it has been going and I know it is only my attention that is starting to waver that made this feel like it was less than previous episodes.

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4 thoughts on “Days Episode 15

  1. I’m a wee bit biased when it comes to this show because I love playing soccer, but I’m still very much enjoying the series for what it is. The characters definitely carry the story along, and I’ve been waiting to see an episode with Haibara!

    I see your point though, about the series becoming tedious and all. I’ve come to notice when I watch sports based anime that the plots aren’t too deep in the grand scheme of things and come off as a series you watch simply because it’s light and fun. This is where it becomes more obvious that the creators end up repeating the same formula per episode or per season.

    1. There’s definitely a lot of heart in this show and that was enough to carry it through 12 episodes, maybe 13. But now we need to see some progress or it is just going to become tedious.

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