Days Episode 1


It’s about two guys playing soccer and that’s all I’ve got so far.


I’ll admit it, I read nothing about this anime and didn’t do any further investigating after watching the episode. It’s a sport anime so it isn’t my usual thing but I watched the first episode out of curiosity (plus I’ve had one or two surprises even though the vast majority of shows in this genre just don’t work for me). I was pleasantly surprised. Our two main characters contrast quite nicely (though there seems little reason why they are interacting) and the pace of this episode was quite well done. It didn’t feel like an extended commercial for soccer (football). Don’t know how many episodes I’ll watch but this definitely made me want to at least try one more so well done.

Days is available on Crunchyroll.

7 thoughts on “Days Episode 1

  1. Despite being somewhat on the lazy side, sports anime really appeal to me. I didn’t care all that much for Days, but there’s something strangely compelling about it that I can’t quite put my finger on yet. More episodes are required.

  2. I learn British English in school (country’s a former British colony) so I’m okay with the football thing. Okay, the episode was decent enough, appearances are deceiving (I didn’t expect that Blondie to be nice, I thought he would be nasty!) and this episode was literally fodder for my fujoshi soul! At the end of the episode, I was trying so hard not to ship the Blondie and the Main Guy (I don’t remember their names!)
    Days is an okay okay anime and I’m going to try this till the third episode to see if things are good! If it isn’t then it goes to the dropped list!

    1. That’s more or less where I ended up. Pleasant enough but not committed. We’ll see what the next episode or two bring.

  3. Well, It’s nothing really, I was just foolin’ around. but seriously, I call it football , and if someone ask me what football, I will always answer with: the only genuine football that

  4. Well, although football is my favorite sport(I hate it when football is called as soccer haha) I really don‘t think I can watch sport animes.. it isn‘t appealing to me.

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