Dances With The Dragons First Impressions


This was not a spectacular beginning for this fantasy anime and I’m thinking anyone with sense dropped it straight up, but I’d love to know your thoughts if you watched this.


Would you like a flat opening monologue that exposition dumps while defining fantasy terminology? Dark visuals that obscure poor animation? Incredibly obvious cues as to who is going to be the hero and who is going to the villain? Then you may have found the show for you, but amazingly enough, even if you happen to like this kind of thing, this show isn’t executing any of it in a way that could be considered enjoyable.


I actually quite enjoy reasonably poor quality and generic fantasy stories. They are a fair staple in my reading diet and I only wish there were more of them in TV and anime form to consume because I really would sit through almost anything. This one has dragons in the title and episode one feature not one but two dragon fights. But yeah, bad. Really not great. Flat characters, terrible dialogue, unexciting visuals, and a plot that seems pretty determined to be as average as possible.

Maybe this will pick up, but really, I’m only not dropping it because of the genre and that won’t keep it on my watch list past episode three if it doesn’t manage to improve.

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Karandi James


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8 thoughts on “Dances With The Dragons First Impressions

  1. I’m really close to dropping it. It gave me a “buddy cop” vibe that made me cringe. I was still going back and forth about it when we came to one of the last scenes — the one your show in your last screen cap. The way he talked to his girlfriend really put me off. I wanted to like it, but so far, it’s a struggle.

  2. I’d agree with much of what you said. I’ll keep watching it for the near future unless something better comes along to feed my fantasy appetite. What I did find interesting was that the episode didn’t make the combat with dragons the main focus, but rather the society and what appears to be a murder mystery. Unlike, say, Knight’s and Magic, or God Eater, two other mediocre shows with similar premises.

  3. I thought this was competent…as in competently average. Maybe it was all the cute last season that did me in or the fact I was recovering from finishing the ReLIFE OVAs that made me vaguely attached to this, but I’m willing to give this show another episode or two like you are. There is a potential future for the show if it can just pace itself properly and make its storylines comprehensible…

    (Strangely, I think I’ve grown accustomed to squinting at visually-dark anime over the last few seasons, so I’m not complaining about that anymore.)

    1. I’d like this to end up being competent, but that opening didn’t give me a lot of hope. I’m mostly willing to give it another go because I’d really like a decent fantasy in my line up and Grancrest isn’t doing it.

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