DamePri Anime Caravan Episode 8: Random Excuse to Have Younger Versions of the Princes Before Introducing a Random Villain



I remember when watching Knight’s & Magic how weird it felt when about two thirds through the season they finally showed us some guy on a throne ordering an attack against our main characters (or at least an attack on someone the main characters would care enough about to intervene). Who was that guy? What did he want? Where did he come from? And the final episodes of that show didn’t really answer any of those questions.


Last week this show kind of made it obvious that the prime minister that Ruze clearly listens to about everything was actually up to no good and this week’s final minutes show us the ominous guy in throne who I guess is going to be a villain for the final episodes. The question I’m left with then is wondering why one is needed?


The story so far has been about Ani working with her neighbouring kingdoms to ensure they don’t get attacked again and just dealing with random issues as they come up. It is a silly story but that is the story. Do we actually need a fourth party introduced that is somehow going to be a threat to them all? Is it really the kind of show that could pull that off? The only answer I’m left with is probably not.

So while I quite enjoyed this week’s mystery with the cursed village and the shrinking princes (wish I’d gotten a screen cap of Mare) I have some real concerns with how this show intends to wrap itself up in the final weeks. I’ll wait and see but I’m definitely worried.

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