DamePri Anime Caravan Episode 7: Oh It’s A Beach Episode. Wait! Nope, It’s Actually A Hot Springs Episode



It is kind of refreshing when one of the cast shares your disdain for the trite set up that they begin to foist on us at the start of this episode. Unfortunately, what little goodwill that may have earned this episode was quickly eroded when they did a bait and switch and gave us a hot springs episode instead. Totally different (not).


And while watching the hot springs get blown up and the Princes get washed away and right back to the beach while wearing nothing could have been amusing, I found this the flattest of the episodes so far. Not even the awkward return of the Princes as they had to navigate their way through the town could really relieve the tedium.


If it wasn’t for a final reveal about a possible actual villain (and believe me if you’ve been watching you’ve seen this coming), I would say this episode was entirely skippable.  However, I am curious as to what the plan is and how it gets foiled in a suitably stupid manner given the nature of the show so far.

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