DamePri Anime Caravan Episode 4: And Then They All Visited The Farm

Dame x Prince Anime Caravan Episode 4


Last week I noted that all of the Princes had finally been introduced and I wondered what the anime was going to do next. Well, no more wondering. Now I know that the Princes are going to go on a field trip to annoy Ani and play the rich guys see a farm for the first time card.


Which honestly isn’t that surprising given this show is pretty much following the plot of a fairly generic story and the only particularly noteworthy parts of it are that the Princes’ personalities have been dialed up to an eleven and Ani is playing the straight-man with definite determination in the face of all ludicrous developments.

Don’t ask.

However, the episode does remain fun and even if nothing that happens is a surprise and the story essentially consists of the three princes and the noble guy that Ani has met in the previous episodes descend on her rural kingdom, play around, complain about the food, and then they move to the next kingdom and Ani is to accompany them. While this isn’t a masterpiece, it isn’t subversive of any kind of genre, it isn’t even really a parody, it does manage to be amusing in its own way and the characters do have their own charms even if they are ridiculous.


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