DamePri Anime Caravan Episode 3: And We Have Finally Met All The Princes



This week’s episode was a little bit more subdued and slightly less over the top but was still kind of fun as Ani went to Ruze’s coronation and then got roped into trying to get Ruze’s shut-in older brother to attend.


The interactions between Prince Mare and Ani are amusing enough but a far quieter affair than Narek and Vino last week. I’m wondering if we’ll ever find out what his deal with scissors is but basically this is a case of cute girl talks to guy and guy shows up to coronation after all.


And while things don’t exactly go as planned, we now seem to have all the characters from the end credits in the show so I wonder what is going to happen next. This show isn’t particularly good, but it is kind of easy viewing and Ani plays the straight man quite well when surrounded by the weirdness that is each of the Princes.

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