DamePri Anime Caravan Episode 2: Walking The Fine Line Between Absurd And Stupid



This week Ani is sent by her parents to the neighbouring kingdom as a spy to determine whether the peace treaty is actually going to hold. There’s something really relaxing about the way dialogue is delivered in this anime as conversations seem to have a nice rhythm and then they’ll deliver the punch line usually followed by a pause before the pace picks up again. It is kind of interesting just to listen to the characters sometimes even if what they are saying might not be all that amazing.


Of course, Ani almost immediately runs into both the Prince (Narek) and the Duke (Vino) though not before a failed attempt at a mascot character and a magical girl parody ate up episode time.


However, once she began interacting with Vino and Narek in earnest the second half of this episode kind of became quite amusing. Teo is forgotten and I’m left wondering where he even is during the events of the second half but we are reintroduced to Riot once Ani is ‘invited’ to stay at the palace.


Ultimately, this show is walking that very fine line. At times it pushes the absurd enough to be funny and other times it reaches a bit too far or not far enough and misses the mark. Overall, there isn’t a lot of substance to this story, but there are more moments making me smile than groan and even though it seems clear that Ani’s matter-of-fact approach is going to ‘fix’ all the princes and other guys in the story (because so far they are all a little over the top), I think I might stick with this one for a bit of a brain break.

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Karandi James.