DamePri Anime Caravan Episode 10: To Rescue A Princess; To Become a Prince


This anime has been mostly a laugh with some mis-steps along the way, but DamePri stepped things up a bit this week with a conflict worthy of the final story arc of the season. With Ani kidnapped, Narek being pretty much ignored and looked down upon, and Vino’s uncle attempting to shove him into the role of coup leader, things are going downhill fast for both the kingdoms of Milidonia and Inaco and if the episode preview is anything to go by, Ruze and Mare are next to have their lives turned upside down.


And this conflict works because it hasn’t come from nowhere. The audience is taken by surprise because the characters we’ve been following haven’t been in the know. They are the young royalty of these kingdoms and in Narek’s case, he’s been acting a fool for so long no-one would have told him what was going on even if he’d wanted to know. Narek’s growing maturity since meeting Ani has been a fine thing for the audience to see, but here we see him finally realise just what everyone else thinks of him.


Outside of the political conflicts, we see some fairly nice moments between Vino, Narek and Ani and while their future is uncertain, this is great payoff after a season watching these characters bump heads and mostly aimlessly mill about.


That said, the ED this week was great and one of my favourites so far for the season. For a comedy anime that has been pretty average, this episode really delivered some decent entertainment and a good promise of a solid ending.

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