D Gray Man Hallow Episode 11


Does Link actually taking action for Allen this week redeem him for not trusting Allen in the first place? Probably not, but at least Link made a decision and didn’t blindly follow orders. While they didn’t show us his ultimate fate, it kind of seems like that’s more or less it for Link at this time.

We still didn’t find the heart but we now found a ‘special’ kind of innocence that exists to protect the heart and we now know who killed Cross but we don’t know why. That said, the Cardinal’s actions force Allen out of the Order and the thing is, it kind of felt like going with the Noah was the less horrible decision to make which given some of things they’ve done really makes you wonder what the Order is up to that the Noah are a better choice.

Of course, Tyki and Road are just kind of awesome so if Allen had to go with the Noah at least it was those two (cruel and twisted though they both are).

Well over my 100 words but just need to mention Lenalee. For most of Hallow she’s either been background or absent, which is a shame because in the early days of D Gray Man she was a very tough fighter and she helped Allen out a lot. Okay, she did go through that whole part where her innocence broke and she couldn’t fight but she finally overcame even that. Seeing her spring back into action at the end of this episode was definitely a great moment and I am looking forward to seeing some more next time (assuming they continue with this and don’t go off on some weird tangent).

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4 thoughts on “D Gray Man Hallow Episode 11

  1. It’s really ironic that going with the Noah (who are supposed to be the bad guys) seems like a better option that staying with the Order. I guess it really goes to show that nothing is black and white in this show. Even the “good guys” aren’t all good..

    1. Recently it has seemed like the ‘good guys’ aren’t even trying to pretend they are supposed to be good. As a result, the bad guys aren’t having to work all that hard because the order is doing a pretty reasonable job of self-destructing.

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